Cian Kim.jpg

Cian Kim

Paramus High Shool


Cian Kim has been involved with SMYH for over four years. He has assisted the foundation with running events even before becoming a member of the youth council.

Cian likes to play video games with his friends and is very interested in the development of the Metaverse by Meta (Facebook). Cian also enjoys 3d printing items like models from video games or gadgets that make life more convenient.

He likes to connect and socialize with others to broaden his views as a person beyond what was familiar to him while growing up. He wants to look past people’s physical traits, to see the person that they really are. He has swum for 3 years competitively, and after taking a break, has started again.

Cian loves to take bike rides around town, and eat at his favorite local delis, diners, and malls. Cian has participated in learning to code, debate, and run community game servers for himself and his friends. Cian is currently a freshman at Paramus High School and has been having a blast with the community there!