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Vincent Kim3.jpeg

Vincent Kim

Bergen County Academies, Academy for Technology and Computer Science


Although I have been a part of Show Me Your Heart for only a small fraction of my high school career, I noticed the immediate impact it had on all aspects of my life. Being introduced to the new members of the organization, I was struck by how dedicated and attentive they were in working towards SMYH’s compassionate cause. SMYH allowed me to obtain a goal and work together alongside the talented members with cooperation and dedication in order to achieve it. With the time I have been in the organization, SMYH has held countless fundraisers, charity events, etc. to create a better place in the world. It has been inspiring to see SMYH produce greater opportunities and raise awareness of often-overlooked issues. I look forward to continuing working with the dedicated members to pursue the common goal and achieve much more.

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