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Hyewon Faer Son

Faer is a current sophomore attending Choate Rosemary Hall. Faer has been part of SMYH foundation since 2021 and contributed as a voice performer and a leader of funding project for Ukraine Refugee. In school, Faer’s main passion is singing and writing. Faer has high passion for social justice as well and continues her journey as an activist by being part of feminist club and LGBTQIAA+ ally club of Choate. Faer sees SMYH as her opportunity to be an effective help in various ways for the causes that she truly care about. Outside of school, Faer seeks for opportunities to perform on stage by competing in the music competition. She has won first place at Prima Volta Competition in 2021 and International Grande Music Competition in 2022. Faer also has numerous experience in recitals,

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