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Edward Lee

Notre Dame Academy 8th 

  • New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program, 2020-2021 (violin), 2021-2022 (viola)  

  • Treasurer at School Council, 2020-2022. 

  • Gold Prize at the International Young Artists Competition, 2020  

  • Presidential service award: Bronze  

  • Enjoy playing golf and listening to music 

Irene Park.jpg

Irene Park

Tenakill Middle School 8th

Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to read and watch movies.

Kathleen Lee Photo (1).jpg

Kathleen Lee

Hunter College High School 8th       

-Korean spicy rice cake lover

-US Women soccer team fan 

-Keeping a dream journal

Connor Hong Photo.jpg

Connor Hong

Benjamin Franklin

Middle School 7th

I enjoy swimming and I am a competitive swimmer. I also enjoy playing the flute and reading sci-fi books.

Andrew Kim.jpg

Andrew Kim

Norwood Middle School 7th 

I play competitive ice hockey and I love playing/watching sports in general. I also like to do Judo and golf.                                          

Albert Lee Photo.jpg

Albert Lee

Horace Mann School 7th

I love to learn about history.

I do debate. I love acting

Hana Kim Photo.jpg

The Spence School 7th

I love playing the violin and sharing music with others. I enjoy reading novels, and watching great films.

Ian Kim2.jpg

Ian Kim

Hana Kim Tsai

Tenafly Middle School 7th


I like to help others in need including people and animals. I am also very interested in technology which led me to build my first pc last year. Maybe someday, I can find ways to help others using an advancing technology.

William Han.jpg

William Han

Horace Mann School 6th 


I love to make new things so I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I want to go to M.I.T. and get a Masters degree and if possible get a Ph. D. in Engineering at Princeton, Stanford, or Caltech. I hope to invent for the environment and people in the future.

Jinha Park Photo.jpg

Jinha Park

The Elisabeth Morrow School 6th

I am playing violin. I love reading books and drawing.

Evelyn Park.jpg

Evelyn Park

Tenakill Middle School 6th

I like to draw, read and love to play tennis

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