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Evelyn Choe

My name is Evelyn Choe and I am a junior at the Bergen County Academies. Science, especially relating to medicine, has always been the one subject that interested me above anything else, and led me to realize that I would like to pursue a career as a doctor in the future. From a young age, both the idea of helping people in ways they could not help themselves, and using science and math to quite literally fix the human body made me realize what I wanted to study. In science, while some problems can be solved using common sense and basic facts, other problems require one to really think outside the box. However, on the other hand, dance, especially ballet, is also a hobby I feel extremely passionate about. I have been dancing for around twelve years, and although it is not something I would like to professionally pursue, the freedom of expression and interpretation dance gives, makes it one of my favorite art and sport to practice.

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