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Minjoo Song

Minjoo Song currently attends Bergen County Academies - Academy of Visual Performing Arts - Music Major (class of 2025).
She is a student of Professor Krzysztof Kuznik and was accepted into Manhattan School of Music Precollege in 2019 with the Scholarship Award. 
At precollege, she was chosen for the concert mistress for her first precollege year and has been chosen for the Honors Recital many times. In addition, she has received the Dean's List Award every year. Recently she was chosen to perform at the masterclass with Ron Copes (Juilliard College Division, Juilliard String Quartet) in February 2022 as the youngest participant. 
She is the first violinist of the Thurnauer String Quartet coached by Francesca Silos, a member of the Colorado Quartet. They have been performing actively throughout the community for the last 2 years. They won the Gold Medal Award at the Young Maestro Music Competition. She and her Quartet were chosen to perform at the masterclass with world-renowned Quartetto di Cremona in 2021. 
She was the participant of Rondo's Summer Academy in Blonay, Switzerland in 2019, where she had a wonderful time with all the great young musicians from all over the world. She had masterclasses with world-renowned Dmitiri Berlinksy, Sergei Ostrovsky and Oleg Kaskiv at the Hindemith Foundation in Blonay. 
She won numerous music competitions including International Grande Music Competition, Rondo Young Artists Vanguard Competition, Nouvelles Etoiles Music Competition and Camerata Artists International Competition. She recently won the Gold Medal Award from the Trinity International Music Competition. 
She has been a very passionate musician since she was very little. She started to play the piano at the age of 3 and was able to read music a year after. She was the recipient of the Erika Boras Tesi Music Award from Tenafly Middle School for her contribution (as a piano accompanist, soprano vocalist and Concert mistress) and love of music in 2021 along with the High Honors For Academic Achievement Awards during her middle school years. 
She is the granddaughter of fashion designer Troa Cho, who was the first Korean and only Korean to receive the Spirit of Asian America Gala Award from Asian American Federation in 1995 along with Vera Wang, Anna Sui and 6 others at UN center. She admires the pioneer spirit of her grandmother that has brought her this far. 
In her free time, she enjoys dancing, listening to music and drawing.