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About Youth Council

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Ethan Han

When Heather Choi’s son, Eugene Choi, died at age 15, she was devastated. Heather’s life’s work was to help others, and Eugene had passed on before he could have experienced any of the joy she felt while working at the foundation. To prevent this from happening, she created the SMYH Youth Council, a chance for young adults to know what it was like to give back to the society that had given them so much.The SMYH Youth Council is a group of student leaders. Over the years, nurtured and cultivated until we are the individuals we are today, by forming this Youth Council, we hope to give back a small portion of what society has given us. We have held numerous charity events, the most recent being the Concert For Heroes, which raised over 15,000 dollars for the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund. We have also participated in the International Music and Culture Festival at Newark Art School and the Holiday Concert and Toy Drive. We thank everyone who has supported us so far, and hope to continue our contributions to society. After all, “helping others is not our obligation, but our privilege.”


Evelyn Choe

The Show Me Your Heart Youth Council aims to share opportunities. We recognize that even within the United States, countless individuals struggle to get adequate resources, especially amidst the current pandemic. Therefore, SMYH youth leaders work collaboratively year-round to organize a variety of fundraisers and luncheons. In the past, we worked with multiple organizations, including the Hackensack Children’s Hospital and the New Jersey Pandemic Release Fund, to raise money and awareness. Additionally, our luncheons give students across New Jersey the opportunity to converse with the most influential individuals and make connections, as we believe building relationships opens the doors for a successful future. Thus, our mission is simple, yet powerful. The SMYH youth council strives to share opportunities.


Daniel Kee

Show Me Your Heart provides students who are interested in making a difference in society and helping the community with opportunity to put their good spirits into action. The Show Me Your Heart Youth Council has taken part in Holiday Concert and Toy Drive (2019), Donation Mask for KWVA’s New York, Concert for Heroes (2020), International Music and Culture Festival at Newark Art School (2019), and much more. The Youth Council often takes part in luncheons with various powerful leaders who share their stories with the students and inspires them to help out our community in the future.


Ashley Park

The Show Me Your Heart Foundation has presented remarkable opportunities that have taken a major role in my life. Being part of this foundation, I was able to perform for children who are diagnosed with cancer and hopefully be able to comfort them with my music. This year (2020), I was given the chance to take part in raising funds to donate to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund by performing in a chamber group with other musicians hosted by Show Me Your Heart Foundation. As a result of being in such an exceptional program, I have come to an epiphany that music is so much more than just performing but speaking, consoling, and relating to each other.