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About Youth Council Representatives

Nicholas Yoo.jpg

Nichloas Yoo - Youth Council President

The Show Me Your Heart Foundation has been an outlet for me to connect with the community. I had first been a part of the organization back in freshman year for the Concert for Heroes event during the pandemic, and I remember as if I had been friends with everyone for years, not minutes. That’s the power of SMYH and that is the synergy between the members that we strive to empower with those we meet. Through each event that SMYH hosts, the Youth Council puts in their heart and soul towards a common goal and their efforts have been infused into my own.
Over the years, I have been tremendously fortunate to have met individuals whom we define as role models—individuals who value compassion, charity, cooperation, and hard work. But not surprisingly, these are all the traits that I find within the Youth Council team and are those that founder Heather Choi instilled in each and everyone of us—to wake up each morning and do good. As an organization, we hope to use our life experiences and opportunities through SMYH to continue supporting the global community.

Iris Hur.jpg

Iris Hur - Youth Council President

The Show Me Your Heart Foundation has served as a platform for life-changing opportunities. The Youth Council, comprised of young and ambitious leaders, acknowledges current issues and aims to give back to the community in a variety of ways. In recent years, the SMYH youth council has organized numerous organizations, charity funds, concerts, and luncheons, and has never failed to bring each event to success. As a member of the foundation since the age of 8, I have continuously been given the privilege to not only grow as a musician but also develop the sense that music has the capability to bring emotional comfort to others. 

Stephanie Kim.JPG

Stephanie Lee  - Youth Council Vice-President

Since joining the Show Me Your Heart Foundation’s youth council my freshmen year, SMYH has given me numerous opportunities to not only give back to the community through the arts and other means, but also to grow and develop character and leadership skills. From participating in concerts, drives and many other events, it is always a rewarding experience to see the impacts of the foundation’s work. During my time on the youth council, I have gotten the chance to hear other peoples’ stories and to meet other like-minded individuals who share a similar drive to do good in our community. And as a musician, SMYH has allowed me to share my passion for music and also serve as an inspiration to others. All in all, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that Show Me Your Heart has provided me with and the valuable life lessons I have gained from each experience. 





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