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About Youth Council

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Benjamin Hong

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Phoebe Han

Show Me Your Heart has always been a huge part of my high school life. First introduced to the organization through the SMYH Club at Bergen County Academies, I remember immediately being enamored with not only SMYH’s benevolent cause but also the dedication of SMYH’s members. This organization, with all of its amazing leaders, directors, parents, and students, showed me that with cooperation, diligence, and excellent leadership, nothing is impossible. The people I have met through this organization have been, without dispute, some of the most hard-working, talented, and successful individuals I have ever met. However, I have noticed, over the years, one important quality that all of the Show Me Your Heart’s members share: the ability to work together. Cooperation is what allows SMYH to give back so much to our communities and pursue Heather Choi’s, the founder of Show Me Your Heart, and our common vision of providing young adults with opportunities to make the world a better place. We hope with our numerous fundraisers, annual events, and partnerships we not only contribute to society as much as possible but also shape future leaders that will continue to give back to their community throughout their lifetime.

Ever since I joined the Show Me Your Heart Foundation Youth Council in my freshmen year, I have always been incredibly inspired by the heartfelt message and evident drive of the foundation and its people, respectively. Through several events and musical performances, I discovered newfound deeper compassion to help others using the provided opportunities given by the foundation through hearing other peoples’ stories and experiences. As a musician myself, I learned how important it is to touch others through one’s passion. After participating in performances with my fellow Show Me Your Heart Foundation members, I always enjoy seeing the impact we have on our audience and the influence of our music. Utilizing passion to build character and valuable leadership assets has allowed me to understand my community and beyond. As a four-year Show Me Your Heart Foundation youth council member, I have learned what it means to not only be part of a community but also how to give back to it. I look forward to the coming year and hope to achieve much more. 

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Emily Kim

The Show Me Your Heart Foundation and Youth Council encourages students to participate in various events that aim to make a difference in our community. As youth leaders, we have organized and engaged in luncheons with leaders, organized a number of charity events, and participated in activities to give back and learn from the experiences. Recently, the SMYH Youth Council attended a luncheon with Dr. Richard Han, who took the time to discuss his personal experiences and viewpoint on various topics on medicine which interested me, as I am looking to pursue this field in the future. Through experiences like these, I become aware of the significance of balancing my academic and personal lives in order to take time to explore my passions and true interests. Thus, the Youth Council provides us with unique opportunities with important takeaways that can be gained from each experience.

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Alexis Oh

Ever since I joined the Show Me Your Heart Foundation, it has played a significant role in my life. I was able to grow and gain a wider perspective on the world as I became a more integrated individual in my community. The foundation’s many opportunities allowed me to work with others who share similar goals and contributed to the development of my character and who I am today. I am so grateful to be leading the youth council with my fellow members to continue our journey and further our passions to make an impact on society.