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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

SMYH Foundation's HELPING HANDS continues to collaborate with schools in poor areas to support students. Additionally, organizations for the disabled are planning various events to support the talents of the disabled. We not only help youth, who are our future but also convey the value of freedom to youth by supporting veterans of the Korean War.

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with Korean war veterans


with Partners


with Milal Foundation


with St. Joseph’s Childrens Hospital

Our Clients


Cian Kim

Joshua Song.jpg

Joshua Song

Cailyn Min.jpeg

Cailyn Min

David Kim.jpg

David  Kim

Chloe Cho (3).heic

Chloe Cho

Edward Lee.png

Edward Lee


Zion Cheon


Vivian Oh


Irene Park

Leane 2022.jpg

Leane Kwon

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